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BoB Beginner 2023 London to Southened

The brothers who joined this years beginner series were the most committed weve had. From a total of 25 brothers we collectively had 10 absences across six weeks. The brothers were keen to improve and it quickly became apparent that the spirit of this group was special.

Culminating the event with a trip to Southend was a fitting end to a great series.

We must give a huge thank you to the ride leaders who took time out from the Sunday mornings to give back to the community. Irfan, Robbie, Arif Bhai, Junaid, Muhammad Shakiel, Adrian, Maz, Glenn were around almost every week. We had reliable leaders, great weather which made this series one of the best.

The graduation ride is a day of celebration. 120 brothers attended to partake on this achievement. Below are some of the pictures of the event

BIG SMILES - Early birds set up the breakfast and have time to give us two lovely smiles

Brother Bilal's first ride. The beard is already doing a slipstream! Welcome to the group!

Brothers Rasel and Moeen stealing some last minute croissants

Young guns - our 2021 graduates are now smashing 50 milers at 18mph+

The legendary carpenter. Zuber never lets us down with his smile!

All of the bros!

Thumbs up

Thumbs up all round

We were blessed our 2022 graduate Muhammad Shakiel supporting on the beginner rides.

The Bionic Heart man - What a guy, still looking cool climbing a hill

We had the pleasure of Purley CC joining us from South London. Naadir looking chirpy with Idris Bhai

Brother Kona from GTCC look too cool

The instagram group are here! Salam cc and their new jerseys. Sadiq bhai seems to think they look cupcakes!

Group 3 (fastest) beginners setting off.

Group 2 riding in swan formation. Who taught these beginners?!

Group 1 setting off with the reliable Robbie. Ather bhai in the back in blue kindly boubht 50 cupcakes. Ather you are allowed to join next year :)

Feroz celebrating the coffee shop. He doesn't actually enjoy the riding

Alhaad - Where have you been?! The ride after 5 years. Welcome back.

Adrian cooly just kept spinning

The suffering is starting, the jerseys zips are coming down and the hair chests are coming out.

Our 2022 graduates Naim and Samir bhai.


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