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London 2 Paris 2018


The time has come again. This is a quick write up and where all information and update will be posted so please constantly check back.

Q: What are the dates?

A: July 13th to July 14th (possibly 15th - depending on arrival time (eta 11pm)

Q: What time we will be leaving?

A: Depart London at 3pm - board ferry at 11pm , get to Paris for 4am, fajr then ride onto Paris.

Depart Paris no later than 6pm, drive to Calais and board train to Folkestone, return to drop off location (the return leg will be confirmed ASAP)

(Please note these times are GMT and any changes will be noted here)

Q: What is the distance?

A: 160 or so miles in total - day one is 65 miles to Newhaven then day two, 100 miles to Paris

Q: What will be the pace?

A: 15mph average

Q: How much is it?

A: We are anticipating costs of £150 per person and in shaa Allaah will not be more (if so we will inform all those taking part). When you register, a non-refundable deposit of £100 will need to paid - this confirms your commitment and understanding of the nature of this ride.

The final balance will be due first week of April 2018.

Q: How many places are there?

A: There are about 30 places for this ride. Registration is opened now and will close end of the month.

Q: Looks like I didn't get a place, what next?

A: We can only apologise at this stage, none the less, keep your eyes open and look out for any announcements we make. Alternatively, we need people to be the support crew for this epic journey so there is another option in participating- Register on the site.

Q: Am I capable of riding this?

A: In short, Yes! But a requirement is that your able to demonstrate your capability of riding 50+ miles at an average of 15mph. We propose to provide a training plan- Do not worry at this stage, there is plenty of time to get fitness up - plenty of opportunities such as Bob National in Nottingham.

Q: What happens if I don't meet the rider requirements?

A: Fear not, the L2P is still not for 6 months, so plenty of time in shaa Allaah. If you require help, then feel free to put a message out - usually on the Telegram group.

Note, if you do not meet the standards - you'll forfeit your place and lose your deposit. We have got to think about everyone and the nature of this ride

Q: Is food provided?

A: Yes in shaa Allaah - we are looking at all options so please bare with us

Q: How will I sleep?

A: The ferry is 4 hours so a quick opportunity to renergise. Arrangements are under way on this. Update made soon

Q: Life got in the way - not sure I can make it?

A: I appreciate it is too early for some to make plans. But for whatever reason, we are letting you transfer your place to someone else providing they meet the rider requirements.

IF we have a waiting list, they will get first refusal in purchasing your place, otherwise in all circumstances it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement. Contact us and let us know as soon as.

A date to let us know will be announce but we are looking at April when final balance is due

NOTE: BoBs will not be refunding you the deposit - this will need to be arranged between both parties. Fair way of dealing with it.


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