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We (BoBs) are a friendly bunch with members throughout the UK!  Our aim is to share our love of cycling with other brothers from all faiths and beliefs and help those looking to start or get back into it all!

If you want to get (or already are) into cycling for fitness, commuting, socialising, racing or just for the coffee & cake - we want to share that passion with you!

BoB cc formed in 2015 and now have more than 1000 members offering a wide range of rides, including weekly club rides, training rides and several club and open events.

We use Telegram chat as our virtual clubhouse! Its a great place to talk all things cycling, get advice, get support or simply to get some encouragement on progress :). 

The value of any club is its members and the experience they bring to help us all strive to be better, stronger, faster, fitter and safer!   Riding with a cycling club for the first time can sound & seem daunting at first, but we want to reassure you that we offer friendly advice and support in a relaxed and supportive environment.   
We'll help you know what to carry with you, how to ride in a group safely, simple maintenance advice and the importance of coffee & cake stops when riding :).

We are fully affiliated with British Cycling and have possibly the coolest jerseys out there :).  Drop us an email or call us to find out more!

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Introduce Yourself

We are BIG on social cycling and as a result revel in the world of Strava!


If you're on Strava already - join BoB by clicking on the bottom right of our rides over here.


If you've never used Strava its a great way to meet others in your area, track your rides (and progress) and get encouragement from BoBs 

Warning: ..its highly addictive :)

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