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BoB National Leicester 

Check out the BoB National FAQ and (Importantly) please help us fund and support BoB nationals by donating £15 - lots of work and cost goes into organising (not just the food) please consider helping out :) 

Please use this link to
Donate to help fund the BoB National.

  • Can I park at the venue?
    The venue has approximately 35 parking spaces and we have received 34 multiple-occupancy car parking requests, two of which are minibuses. We have therefore allocated all spaces to multiple occupancy cars and one of the team will be in touch directly with requestees to confirm. All single occupant cars will be required to find alternative street parking but as previously advised we must not park on the roads surrounding the venue. We will provide specific road names closer to the event. We would also encourage you to travel by public transport where possible.
  • I didn't sign up - can I still join?
    Unfortunately not no. The venue has a strict legal limit which we are obliged to adhere to. Please do NOT just arrive in the hope of being accepted as this places the organisers in an awkward position and leaves the venue with a poor impression of BoB as a club.
  • Is there a pre-ride on the Saturday?
    YES!!! The Pre-Ride event will be held at Leicester Cycle Circuit (see address and google link below). This is an outdoor track which we have hired out exclusively from 5-6pm. Current indications suggest we will have nearly 50 attendees so starting squatting, start deadlifting, get your max effort training in and see if you can catch the BoB train on the day – expect records to fall, choo-choo! As previously communicated, you should aim to arrive at your lodgings in Leicester by 3pm to allow sufficient time for coordination. There are no official changing facilities at the circuit (as far as we are aware) and the track will close at 6pm sharp so we need to make a punctual start. Note that if you google the circuit address it will take you to the St Oswalds Road entrance which is confusing to access. Please ensure you use the below link which will take you to the main college entrance of Glenfield Road. New College Leicester Glenfield Rd Leicester LE3 6DN
  • Is there overnight accomodation available?
    We currently have around 16 requests for overnight accommodation. The mosque agreed to host up to 30 brothers overnight and will also be providing the evening meal following the Pre-Ride. If anyone would still like to avail the offer of overnight stay please let Shabir Patel know ASAP on 07889525258. If you are not staying overnight at the mosque but would like to attend the meal please also let Shabir know. Darul Arqam Educational Trust 6 Thurmaston Lane Leicester LE5 0TE
  • What are the route options?
    RIDE DAY – SUNDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER Routes There will be 6 different rides on the day covering 3 distances at varying speeds. The rides will be setup on the BoB strava page so brothers can download routes to their GPS devices. Feel free to sign-up to the events so we have an indication of which rides are most popular and stagger departure times accordingly. National 50 National 40 National 30 The 40 miler is the more challenging route given the elevation profile over the distance and may prove challenging for those brothers who are not used to this volume of climbing over 40 miles. It’s really important to choose an achievable distance and pace since everyone needs to be back at the venue by 1pm - the distances and speeds have been calculated carefully to ensure this can happen. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the ride, meet new brothers and get back safely.
  • What are the local segments to look out for?
    Don’t forget to mark the following segments as favourites: Sludge Hall Hill - Heart Attack Hill -
  • What are the riding groups?
    We have decided to take a slightly different approach to group allocation this time round. We strongly encourage you to mix with brothers you have not met before but do not want to impose groups which mean you cannot ride with friends or brothers you may have already planned to ride with. On the day we will split in to 6 ride clusters and then ask you to head out in groups of no more than 10.
  • What are the Venue details?
    Shower and changing room facilities available. Don’t forget your trainers/sliders/chapals/slippers for the main hall Scraptoft Community Hub Malsbury Ave Leicester LE7 9FQ
  • Whats the event schedule?
    Event Schedule 08:00 Arrival 08.00 – 08:45 Breakfast 09:00 – 09:45 Ride brief and presentation 10:00 – 10:30 Staggered groups roll out 13:00 All groups return 13:00 – 13:30 Shower/change 13:30 – 15:00 Meal 15:00 – 15:30 Prizes presentation 15:30 – 16:00 Departure
  • Anything we should know re: Covid?
    The threat of Covid is still very real and we need to act responsibly. This is a mass event and everyone should continue to observe social distancing where possible and avoid unnecessary physical contact i.e. those handshakes and hugs we all love! The expectation, and request, is if you feel unwell and develop covid-like symptoms in the days leading up to the event you will make the responsible decision and decline to attend. Even if you perform a test which returns a negative result we would advise caution since tests can be inaccurate. There is no justifiable or conceivable reason why anyone should attend and put others and their families at risk. We must understand it is an amanah upon all of us to act responsibly and in the interest of everyone attending.
  • Who should i contact if i still have questions?
    Usman Malik – 07951248074 Shabir Patel – 07889525258
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